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Seattle: An Overlooked AI Hub in the New Tech Economy?

Seattle’s tech leaders claim their city is a hub for AI innovation, but recent assessments of promising AI startups paint a different picture: Forbes’ AI 50 list did not feature any Seattle startups, leading to an Axios headline stating, “AI boom’s primary beneficiaries reside in just four states,” with Washington notably absent. Bloomberg’s article highlighting […]

Nvidia is all in on AI, as it announces a historic quarter with record-breaking results.

In the wake of Wednesday’s announcement that Nvidia’s earnings have significantly outperformed expectations, Reuters has disclosed that Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, foresees the enduring growth of the AI industry extending well into the next year. As an affirmation of this perspective, Nvidia has committed to repurchasing $25 billion worth of shares, a value now triple […]

Report: Microsoft is “exploring” the integration of AI into fundamental Windows applications

Microsoft is gearing up to intensify its integration of AI-powered functionalities into Windows 11, with the imminent release of Windows Copilot this fall. However, their ambitions extend beyond this milestone. According to information from Windows Central, Microsoft is currently in the early stages of experimentation with novel features for its native Windows applications, including Photos, […]

Launch of MSP Guide: Offering Managed IT Services Tailored for Banks and Financial Institutions

Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) has unveiled its latest guide, shedding light on the potential advantages of opting for managed IT services for organizations operating within the financial sector. This guide underscores the viability of managed IT solutions, emphasizing their cost-effectiveness, adaptability, and enhanced security, making them a compelling choice for those aiming to streamline operations, […]

The latest contender to ChatGPT, known as Claude 2, has officially entered the open beta testing phase

On Tuesday, Anthropic unveiled Claude 2, a substantial language model (LLM) akin to ChatGPT, proficient in coding, text analysis, and composition creation. In contrast to the initial Claude version launched in March, users can now explore Claude 2 freely on a new beta website. Additionally, it is accessible as a commercial API for developers. Anthropic […]
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