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Sending a Crowdfunding Press Release? Here’s 3 Best Kickstarter Press Release Distribution Services to Choose From

Just started a Kickstarter project? Great, now it’s time to tell the world about it. Because the key to any successful Kickstarter campaign is generating enough buzz on the internet that will let your potential backers discover you.

Sending a Kickstarter press release can help you achieve this at a relatively low cost, getting your marketing message out to journalists, TV-affiliate networks, branded outlets, as well as major search engine results.

But this is granted that you chose the right press release distribution service. So here are the Top 3 Kickstarter Press Release distribution services that are perfect to promote your Kickstarter projects.

1. MarketersMEDIA

Catering to entrepreneurs and small business owners, MarketersMEDIA is a press release distribution service that provides extended media coverage of 200 online sites for an affordable price at $99.

For its best First Tiered plan, MarketersMEDIA distribution will have a media pickup of more than 450 outlets including high profile media sites like Reuters, APNews, Yahoo! News, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, MarketWatch and Vertical News Network, which will place your news in verticals targeting specific industry audiences.

2. PRWeb

Part of the Cision group of services, PRWeb is one of the favorite go-to destinations for companies looking to get the word out about their products or services. Its service is used by over 30,000 organizations around the world and is a suitable option for those looking to incorporate social media into their promotion.

In terms of pricing, PR Web tries to make things as simple, effective and affordable as possible. With the Basic Package, you get access to search listings within Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as permanent hosting on However, in order to get syndicated across hundreds of partner sites (and not just on, you need to upgrade to the much pricier packages which may be too much if you are considering a press release campaign.

3. Crowdfunding PR

A website set up to specifically help crowdfunding campaigns get attention on relevant social networks and in the news media, distributing a press release with Crowdfunding PR will get you syndicated to their partner networks, as well as be featured on their website homepage.

Another highlight for Crowdfunding PR is that your release will be also tweeted out to their 50,000 followers at @crowdcrux, @crowdfundingpr_, and @kickstartforum. But when it comes to sending your news to Crowdfunding PR, it is important to take note that you are also competing with other crowdfunding projects, so it is important to craft the perfect marketing message.

Which Kickstarter Press Release Distribution Service is Best for You?

This all comes down to your crowdfunding campaign needs and PR budget. Taking into account both pricing and overall media reach, the best overall option we would recommend for your Kickstarter campaign is MarketersMEDIA.

The service provides one of the more affordable options that will get you placements in more than 450 media outlets. Most importantly, this includes online publication sites sorted on verticals like travel or business, making sure your news reaches where it should reach and that’s your target audience.

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