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To Be An Influential Capital Center Through Equity Funding, Media Penetration, And Ultimate Growth Guidance in Asia Pacific region.

We believe in assisting and empowering Founders to realize their dreams. With access to our extended ecosystem of experienced executive support, talent pool, technology, management systems and media penetration, your goal, however big it is, is right under the nose. We actively invest in IPO-capable seed rounds.
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UnicornMedia is APAC’s leading news portal focusing on producting and breaking of startup, venture capital, business and finance related news, connecting our portfolio companies with ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CW, AssociatedPress, Reuters and many more, via bespoke exposure.

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NextUnicorn is made up by high net worth internet marketers and successful entrepreneurs who can replenish coffers at great speed and are looking to diversify their investment portfolio into potential high-growth exit targets.

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We invest mainly in seed rounds of startups that have very strong market presences and also deliver exceptional practical values to their customers.

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Unicorn Media - Startup & Venture News

Reportedly, Adobe has acquired the text-to-video AI platform known as Rephrase.

As the five-day power struggle at OpenAI reaches its conclusion with Sam Altman’s reinstatement, Adobe is gearing up to enhance its generative AI capabilities. According to a report from the Economic Times, the software giant has internally announced its acquisition of Rephrase, a California-based company specializing in text-to-video technology. While the exact financial details of […]

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OpenAI, rising from adversity, faces a significant challenge despite Sam Altman’s comeback

The OpenAI power struggle that has gripped the tech world since the removal of co-founder Sam Altman has finally come to a resolution, at least for now. But what does it all mean? It almost feels like we should be eulogizing OpenAI, as if it has undergone a transformation where the old organization has given […]

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Microsoft introduces Orca 2, consisting of two compact language models that surpass their larger counterparts in performance.

In the midst of the ongoing power struggle and mass resignations at OpenAI, Microsoft, a long-standing supporter of AI research, continues to advance its AI initiatives without slowing down. Today, the research division of Microsoft, led by Satya Nadella, unveiled Orca 2, a pair of compact language models that demonstrate remarkable performance, surpassing much larger […]

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Nvidia introduces its AI foundry service on Microsoft Azure, featuring the latest Nemotron-3 8B models.

Nvidia is strengthening its collaborative approach with Microsoft. During the Ignite conference, hosted by the Satya Nadella-led tech giant, Nvidia unveiled an AI foundry service aimed at assisting both enterprises and startups in building custom AI applications on the Azure cloud. These applications can leverage enterprise data through retrieval augmented generation (RAG) technology. Jensen Huang, […]

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Interplay Raises $45 Million for Its Third Fund, Concentrating on B2B Marketplaces and Specialized Software

Interplay, a venture capital firm headquartered in New York, has successfully completed its third funding round, amassing $45 million. This latest fund follows two earlier rounds focusing on early-stage investments, particularly in software sectors like B2B marketplaces and specialized vertical software. We previously reported on Interplay in 2022 during its separate funding initiative. Mark Peter […]

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Xiaomi declares an unprecedented achievement with a sales record of $3.11 billion on Singles Day.

During the annual Singles Day shopping event, Xiaomi, a renowned Chinese electronics company, reported exceptional sales across various platforms. From October 23 to November 11, Xiaomi’s sales surpassed 22.4 billion yuan (approximately $3.11 billion) on platforms like Alibaba’s Tmall and Taobao, JD.com, Pinduoduo, and Douyin. Xiaomi’s shares in Hong Kong experienced a brief surge, increasing […]

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Bosch, SAP, and several other companies support Europe’s response to OpenAI, injecting $500 million in new funding.

Aleph Alpha, a German startup challenging the Microsoft-backed artificial intelligence firm OpenAI, announced on Monday that it had secured $500 million in funding. This funding round enjoyed support from notable entities such as Bosch, SAP, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In its second major funding round, Aleph Alpha, known for creating its extensive language models, amassed […]

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Replit’s CEO outlines the roadmap to achieve artificial developer intelligence and secures a fresh $20 million in investment.

Replit, a developer platform company, has recently secured a $20 million investment from Craft Ventures. This development is part of Replit’s ongoing efforts to empower developers with generative AI capabilities, paving the way for a future characterized by Artificial Developer Intelligence (ADI). Remarkably, this $20 million investment does not constitute the typical funding round for […]

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The UK allocates $273 million towards an AI supercomputer to enhance its competitiveness in the global race with the U.S. and China.

On Wednesday, the United Kingdom’s government announced a substantial investment of £225 million, equivalent to $273 million, in the development of an artificial intelligence supercomputer. This move underscores the nation’s commitment to establishing a leadership position in AI technology, as it endeavors to catch up with global leaders such as the United States and China. […]

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