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LSIGraph Launches New Contextual Terms Feature For Improved Content Optimization

With its latest update, LSIGraph encourages its users to add contextual terms for improved SEO content, allowing higher search engine rankings and traffic growth.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – November 16, 2022

In its determined effort to help its users climb search rankings and grow traffic, LSIGraph launches a new update on its flagship SEO keyword research tool. This update adds a new feature to its Content Writer tool called the “Contextual Terms”. 

This newly added feature to their Content Writer Tool suggests a list of Contextual Terms that its user can add to their content to increase its contextual relevance. It also tells them the optimal usage frequency of a contextual term to further optimize their content. Additionally, the innovational feature shows its users examples of use from other top-ranking pages for more insight into its usage.

The need for this new update arose from the team’s own research into Google’s never-ending ranking factors and what would help the most in creating the best SEO content. With their research showing better SERP ranking results by building content context, LSIGraph adds this feature to help its users better optimize their content.

In order to suggest contextual terms to its users, LSIGraph looks at top-ranking pages of a target keyword and extracts the commonly used and most impactful words. By using more contextual terms in their content, writers can build more context and attract more relevant traffic.

“Our studies show that producing contextually-sound content boosts a website’s ranking on search engines and drives relevant traffic,” says Andy, the founder of LSIGraph. “We will continuously perform research and hope to roll out more updates to help our users maximize their content’s ranking potential.”

For more information on LSIGraph’s current and future updates, readers can check out their announcement page here.

About LSIGraph

LSIGraph is an SEO tool with a mission to help its users climb search engine rankings and grow their traffic. This tool focuses on three areas of SEO success: keyword targeting, content writing and optimization, and content mapping. The three main tools guide a user throughout the whole process of producing highly-optimized content, from keyword research to content writing and content planning.

Today, LSIGraph continues to pave its way to the top of SEO tools, with more than 160,000 subscribers utilizing it for their SEO marketing strategies. With different subscription plans available, LSIGraph strives to match every marketer’s different needs. For more information, readers can take a look at their pricing plans.

Contact Info:

Name: Sara Saila

Email: hello@lsigraph.com

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Website: https://lsigraph.com

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