Author: Win Wei

Singapore FinTech Startup Successfully Raised 1.6Mil US Dollar in Venture Capital

Participation from well-known venture capital firms, M Venture Partners and Hustle Fund, has raised $1.6 million in seed funding for a Singapore fintech startup, Few¢ents.

Co-founded by Abhisek Dadoo and Dushyant Khare, the team in Few¢ents is on a journey to help small creators and publishers through Asia and Europe gain more traffic and conversion with their alternative monetization solutions. By introducing their micropayment module, Few¢ents helps creators worldwide heed concentration on content quality rather than worrying about revenue and traffic.

Subscription modules and ad reliance have always been an enormous burden for small publishers, but Few¢ents’ norm-breaking micropayment infrastructure breaks the vicious chain by shifting revenue course from paid sources to non-subscribers.

By allowing infrequent visitors and non-subscribers access to premium content, publishers can set higher return expectations without paying for any subscription plan on the platform provided by Few¢ents. Thus, establishing a win-win situation for both readers and publishers.

Readers come in for an article on a global and local scale. Few¢ents has layered their system with international micropayments in more than 50 currencies to earn incremental revenue for creators and bridge the relationship with their cross-border visitors at the same time.

Few¢ents will contribute a huge sum of investment from the venture capital to maintaining their partnership with content management systems and publisher portals that allow content in article, video, and podcast format. A portion of the fund will be allocated to developing AI systems and running analytics to ease the process for both readers and publishers.

At present, the startup works with platforms such as Dailymotion, DailySocial, Jnomics Media, Dainik Jagran, Quintype, and more.

1Mil US Dollar Raised by Docosan for Online Healthcare Services in Vietnam

Docosan, an online startup platform designed to connect patients to the right doctor 24/7 in Vietnam, has announced that it raised more than USD 1million in seed capital. 

AppWorks, a Taiwan-based technology venture company, led the capital investment, which was considered one of the most significant seed investments for a healthcare startup in Vietnam. 

The seed round was joint by Huat Ventures, a Singaporean venture capital company, and a biotechnology entrepreneur, David Ma.

In an earlier interview, Beth Ann Lopez, co-founder of Docosan, has pointed out the inauspicious state of health sectors in the absence of digital transformation and shared what inspired its establishment.

Despite being plagued by chronic inefficiencies such as long lines, unpredictable hours, and uncertain quality, the health sectors of many emerging markets remain largely unchanged by new technology,” said Beth Ann Lopez.

I’ve seen how smartphones have changed the way that businesses are run in Vietnam – it’s possible to order a motorbike on Grab, or a bowl of phở on Now, or anything else you want on Shopee. However, one area that hasn’t been affected by this digital transformation is healthcare,” she added.

Beth further explained that bringing the same convenience and transparency in other digital market forums into health sectors would greatly benefit both patients and doctors, and saves more lives.

The demand for digitalized healthcare has been seen on the rise, especially since the outbreak of Covid-19.

Since 2020, Docosan has registered more than 300 trusted medical practitioners in different medical fields, ranging from general clinical services to specialized medical areas such as neurology.

Registered doctors are mainly located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and Docosan seeks to expand its web across Vietnam in the future to connect patients to doctors all over the country. 

Patients can easily avoid the hassle of lining up to register for a doctor’s visit simply by downloading the app. The app allows patients to compare healthcare providers, make an appointment, engage in live chat for inquiry, and manage their health data free of charge.

The company enforces operational efficiency through cloud-based scheduling and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and data privacy by integrating HIPAA (America’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for greater security.

Focusing on expansion within Vietnam, Docosan has also hoped to expand its reach globally in the future.

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