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Content Distribution Expert Daniel Tan Speaks To VCNN On Startup Landscape

Following Southeast Asia’s entrepreneurs and burgeoning startup scene, Venture Capital News Network has noticed the prevailed adoption of content marketing which complements the startup culture.

Venture Capital News Network recently spoke with entrepreneur and online marketing consultant Daniel Tan about the use of content marketing strategies within the startup culture. Startups are currently leading the field in the use of content marketing, and more and more startups are adopting the approach to quickly expand and engage a wider audience. Tan offered valuable insights on why this should be the case, and why the trend will continue to grow.

Tan explains that content is not only thriving, it is diversifying, and the common trend is for content to become more niche specific. Attentions spans get shorter and competition increases, meaning content must get specific to be engaging. Startups generally only have one key product or service aimed at solving a specific problem, meaning they are naturally suited to thrive in the new area.

Tan identifies user-generated content and influencers as another major trend that startups seem purpose built to harness, with consumer feedback and content creation seen as more trustworthy than content from the business itself. This saves resources for startups on generating content, encouraging them instead to ‘curate’ content generated by early adopters.

The most important reason however is that startups start their marketing strategy from scratch, making it easier for content to take the focus than in already well-established businesses.

In the interview, Daniel Tan explained, “Startups are highly nimble entities and are looking for the greatest ROI from a minimal investment. They don’t have a pre-established marketing department with fixed and often outdated ideas about how to communicate. As a result, content is the default strategy, and diversifying it leads to other complementary approaches. That’s why startups are so successful with content marketing and why they’re seriously disrupting the landscape that multinationals have held onto for nearly a decade. My advice would be to ensure startups document that strategy to keep things on track.”

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