5 Countries in Asia-Pacific Ranked in Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2021 Top 20

The Global Startup Ecosystem Index has provided valuable and comprehensive insights consistently every year on the startup ecosystem in 100 countries, and 1000 cities globally since 2017 by StartupBlink.

According to the 2021 index released recently, the first Asian country to be on top of the startup ecosystem is China, skipping 7 positions to rank at 7 globally. China has evidently joined the world’s top 10, with Beijing becoming the world’s 3rd highest-ranked startup ecosystem (ranking of countries and cities are calculated differently). It is also reported that China ranks at 4th place in its global Quality score.

Directly quoted from the StartupBlink report, the Quality score is the “presence of 130 global startup influencers with impact reaching far beyond their local ecosystem.”

Coming up 2nd in the Asia-pacific region is Australia, which has actually dropped in rank by 2 spots compared to last year, from 7th to 9th. The country’s most influential and high-performing industry is E-commerce & Retail Technology, where it is in 3rd place worldwide.

Second in Asia and 3rd in Asia-pacific, Singapore has been pushed up to the top 10 placement is Singapore, jumping 6 places up since last year to the 10th place in 2021. It was further reported that China and Singapore were the first batches of Asian countries to have been represented on the global top 10 list.

Lastly, to capture all the Asian countries that were ranked in the top 20 placement in this year’s Global Startup Ecosystem Index, South Korea and India were introduced at the 19th and 20th spot respectively. Moreover, South Korea has also added 5 new cities to the top 1000 ranking for cities.

As for India, the country has finally bounced back to the top 20 after dropping 6 spots in 2020. India has regained its ranking by 3 spots to re-enter the global top 20.


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