Launch of MSP Guide: Offering Managed IT Services Tailored for Banks and Financial Institutions

Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS) has unveiled its latest guide, shedding light on the potential advantages of opting for managed IT services for organizations operating within the financial sector. This guide underscores the viability of managed IT solutions, emphasizing their cost-effectiveness, adaptability, and enhanced security, making them a compelling choice for those aiming to streamline operations, boost efficiency, or establish robust tech infrastructure resilient against cybersecurity threats.

While primarily tailored for decision-makers within the financial sector, the ITS guide also extends its reach to educate other stakeholders interested in delving into the world of managed IT services. It offers a succinct overview of managed IT, encompassing the wide array of solutions proffered by managed IT service providers (MSPs) and critical considerations to ponder before engaging with any MSP.

The guide elaborates on the diverse spectrum of IT services that can be outsourced to an MSP, encompassing facets such as communication management, data analytics, managed security, cloud-based services, and VoIP-managed solutions. According to the guide, these services are adaptable, capable of scaling up or down in accordance with the unique requirements of clients.

Managed IT solutions present a distinct advantage for banks and financial institutions, granting them access to a provider’s comprehensive cybersecurity expertise and infrastructure, all without the need for acquisition, operation, or maintenance.

Addressing a pivotal concern, ITS has outlined a four-step framework in the guide to assist financial businesses in evaluating potential MSP partners and their ability to deliver on their commitments.

About Intelligent Technical Solutions

Intelligent Technical Solutions is dedicated to assisting clients in effectively managing their technology, providing rapid responses and support to minimize downtime. The company boasts numerous industry accolades, including the prestigious 2023 CRN Security 100 Award, recognizing it as a top MSP specializing in cloud-based security services.

A spokesperson from the company commented, “At ITS, we empower countless clients to make informed decisions regarding their technology. If you are interested in assessing the current state of your financial business and exploring how we can assist you in finding a suitable IT solution, we invite you to schedule a complimentary network assessment with us.”

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