Pasarnow, an Indonesian e-groceries Platform New Cities Expansion with 3.3 million USD Funding

An Indonesia e-grocer platform, Pasarnow successfully funded 3.3 million USD and has stated that this amount will be spent on expanding their regional coverage and increase their grocery supply-chain capabilities and last-mile solutions. The funding led by East Ventures also saw participation from angel investors including Skustar Capital, Amand Ventures, and SMDV.

Pasarnow will be splitting the funds into different parts of their operation expansion – stretch out to new cities, expand the team, upgrade system and infrastructures, and grow warehouses. An additional characteristic to the existing ten warehouses across Greater Jakarta would be their instant delivery that promises a fresh and speedy solution to customers.

CTO and co-founder of Pasarnow, Donald Woo said, “Currently, Pasarnow operates in Greater Jakarta and Bandung, with over 100 full-time employees and 200 daily workers and driver-partners,” He further added that this funding will pave the way to cater to a larger pool of customers as well as greater tech capability.

Pasarnow was founded in 2019 by Woo, Cindy Ozzie, and James Rijanto, setting their sight to streamline Indonesia’s complicated fresh product supply chain and deliver promising quality products to customers with its own platform.

“Ensuring product freshness when it reaches the customers is supremely challenging,” said Rijanto.

He added, “Food products like fruits, vegetables, and frozen meat are susceptible and perishable, requiring fast and temperature-controlled delivery, which causes expensive logistics costs. That is why Pasarnow has been investing heavily in our technology and operational infrastructures to solve these issues. Furthermore, having a multi-channel platform helps us in achieving faster economies of scale and in creating greater efficiency in our operations”

Pasarnow has different channels tailored to meet customers’ specific needs through a divergent set of prices, key features, and promotions. The operational back-end collects all orders from customers and develops a prediction system that helps all farmers and supplies to better schedule their delivery and harvests. In turn, it allows Pasarnow to deliver the freshest quality products at an affordable price to customers.

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