SurgeGraph Introduces Longform AI, Revolutionizing Content Creation Process With 10x Faster, Easier, and Better Content

SurgeGraph, a Malaysian software company, announced its new product launch – Longform AI. This product is designed to help content creators create original long-form content faster and easier while also helping them rank higher in search engines.

Longform AI is a long-form content generator based on Google’s search algorithm. It provides users with the necessary tools to create longer and more in-depth content quickly and easily. For starters, the writing assistant helps to reduce the time spent searching for relevant information by suggesting topics related to the user’s query. This can significantly speed up content creation by providing users with a wealth of ideas and resources in one place.

The Longform AI Writing Assistant also considers the importance of context when creating long-form content. It searches and analyses the information from the top pages, which is used as the basis for content generation. It also has an integrated plagiarism checker that helps ensure that any referenced material is unique and correctly attributed to its source.

Furthermore, SurgeGraph’s Longform AI includes a popular questions explorer, which helps users develop compelling content to answer readers’ burning questions. It also gives users an insight into what type of content their target audience may be interested in reading.

Finally, SurgeGraph’s Longform AI Writing Assistant has been designed to help improve on-page optimization efforts by suggesting keywords relevant to the topic but not commonly used in other online articles or blogs. This ensures the content stands out and ranks higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

“We are thrilled to launch our new Longform AI this coming March,” said a spokesperson of SurgeGraph. “This product update was created with our customer’s needs in mind so they can save time while creating in-depth long-form content that ranks higher on SERPs.”

About SurgeGraph
Founded in 2015, SurgeGraph quickly became the go-to keyword research tool for SEO professionals looking to improve their search rankings and gain more traffic. Today, SurgeGraph is a comprehensive SEO tool that goes beyond LSI keywords, emphasizing improving on-page SEO through keyword research, content creation and optimization, and internal link planning.

Contact Info:
Name: Sara Salim
Organization: SurgeGraph

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