2021: Total of 27 Southeast Asia’s Unicorns Rise Since 2014

Since there were only three unicorns in Southeast Asia in 2014, the ecosystem is teeming with billion-dollar startups.

There were just three unicorns in Southeast Asia in 2014: VNG, Garena (now ‘Sea,’ and Razer.

Today, there are more than 20 unicorns in the region. This phenomenal expansion can be traced in part to the region’s expanding number of internet users. It also offers a great possibility, as seen by the fact that US$19 billion was invested in regional tech firms in H1 2021.

According to research done by Google, Temasek, and Bain, Southeast Asia’s digital economy is expected to reach $300 billion by 2025. This might also imply that the region’s billion-dollar enterprises will grow in number.

Here is the complete list of the 27 Southeast Asia Unicorns:

  1. Ajaib (Indonesia, 2019)

Total funding raised: Over US$240M

2. Ascend Money (Thailand, 2013)

Total funding raised: Undisclosed

3. Bitkub (Thailand, 2018)

Total funding raised: Undisclosed

4. Blibli (Indonesia, 2010)

Total funding raised: Undisclosed

5. Bukalapak (Indonesia, 2010)

Total funding raised: US$784 million

6. Carousell (Singapore, 2012)

Total funding raised: US$277 million +

7. Carro (Singapore, 2015)

Total funding raised: US$589.5 million

8. Carsome (Malaysia, 2015)

Total funding raised: US$107.4 million

9. Flash Group (Thailand, 2017)

Total funding raised: Undisclosed

10. Gojek (Indonesia, 2010)

Total funding raised: US$5.3 billion

11. Grab (Singapore, 2012)

Total funding raised: US$10 billion

12. J&T Express (Indonesia, 2015)

Total funding raised: US$2.2 billion

13. Lazada (Singapore, 2012)

Total funding raised: US$4.2 billion

14. Mynt (Philippines, 2015)

Total funding raised: Undisclosed

15. Nium (Singapore, 2015)

Total funding raised: US$280 million

16. OVO (Indonesia, 2017)

Total funding raised: Undisclosed

17. Patsnap (Singapore, 2007)

Total funding raised: US$351.6 million

18. Razer (Singapore/US, 2005)

Total funding raised: US$200 million

19. Revolution Precrafted (Philippines, 2015)

Total funding raised: Undisclosed

20. Sea (Singapore, 2009)

Total funding raised: US$2.6 billion

21. Tiket (Indonesia, 2011)

Total funding raised: Undisclosed

22. Tokopedia (Indonesia, 2009)

Total funding raised: US$2.8 billion

23. Traveloka (Indonesia, 2012)

Total funding raised: US$12 billion

24. Trax (Singapore, 2010)

Total funding raised: US$1 billion

25. VNG (Vietnam, 2004)

Total funding raised: Undisclosed

26. VNPay (Vietnam, 2007)

Total funding raised: US$300 million

27. Xendit (Indonesia 2015)

Total funding raised: US$238 million

These are the current 27 Southeast Asia unicorns & the list is still growing.

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