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Reflecting on a year of significant transformation in the realm of AI.

A year has passed since OpenAI quietly introduced ChatGPT as a “research preview,” a chatbot powered by a sophisticated large language model (LLM). These LLMs are a specific application of transformer neural networks, a technology initially presented in a 2017 Google paper. ChatGPT offered a user-friendly interface to the underlying LLM, GPT-3.5, and became the […]

Meta AI introduces ‘Seamless’ translator enabling instant cross-language communication.

Meta AI researchers unveiled their latest achievement on Thursday, introducing a groundbreaking suite of artificial intelligence models known as “Seamless Communication.” These models are designed to facilitate more natural and authentic cross-language communication, effectively bringing the concept of a Universal Speech Translator into reality. This week, the research team made these models available to the […]

Reportedly, Adobe has acquired the text-to-video AI platform known as Rephrase.

As the five-day power struggle at OpenAI reaches its conclusion with Sam Altman’s reinstatement, Adobe is gearing up to enhance its generative AI capabilities. According to a report from the Economic Times, the software giant has internally announced its acquisition of Rephrase, a California-based company specializing in text-to-video technology. While the exact financial details of […]

OpenAI, rising from adversity, faces a significant challenge despite Sam Altman’s comeback

The OpenAI power struggle that has gripped the tech world since the removal of co-founder Sam Altman has finally come to a resolution, at least for now. But what does it all mean? It almost feels like we should be eulogizing OpenAI, as if it has undergone a transformation where the old organization has given […]

Microsoft introduces Orca 2, consisting of two compact language models that surpass their larger counterparts in performance.

In the midst of the ongoing power struggle and mass resignations at OpenAI, Microsoft, a long-standing supporter of AI research, continues to advance its AI initiatives without slowing down. Today, the research division of Microsoft, led by Satya Nadella, unveiled Orca 2, a pair of compact language models that demonstrate remarkable performance, surpassing much larger […]
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