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Google Bard now has the capability to seamlessly access Gmail, Docs, Maps, and other services

Today, Google unveiled a significant upgrade to its Bard conversational AI system, broadening its functionality to seamlessly interact with Google’s most popular productivity apps and services. These improvements are designed to enhance Bard’s utility in daily tasks while also addressing concerns regarding its accuracy. Effective immediately, Bard gains the ability to directly tap into information […]

HiddenLayer secures $50 million in funding to strengthen the security of corporate AI models.

HiddenLayer, a cybersecurity startup based in Austin, Texas, emerged in response to a cyberattack that exploited machine learning code at the founders’ previous company. Today, HiddenLayer has announced a successful $50 million Series A funding round aimed at bolstering the defenses of the ever-expanding array of AI models adopted by enterprises. This funding round was […]

Step aside, AI; quantum computing is poised to become the most formidable and unsettling technology.

In 2022, leaders within the U.S. military technology and cybersecurity community expressed their view that 2023 would serve as the pivotal “reset year” for quantum computing. They made an estimation that aligns the timeline for securing systems against quantum threats with the emergence of the first quantum computers capable of jeopardizing security, both anticipated within […]

Seattle: An Overlooked AI Hub in the New Tech Economy?

Seattle’s tech leaders claim their city is a hub for AI innovation, but recent assessments of promising AI startups paint a different picture: Forbes’ AI 50 list did not feature any Seattle startups, leading to an Axios headline stating, “AI boom’s primary beneficiaries reside in just four states,” with Washington notably absent. Bloomberg’s article highlighting […]

Nvidia is all in on AI, as it announces a historic quarter with record-breaking results.

In the wake of Wednesday’s announcement that Nvidia’s earnings have significantly outperformed expectations, Reuters has disclosed that Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, foresees the enduring growth of the AI industry extending well into the next year. As an affirmation of this perspective, Nvidia has committed to repurchasing $25 billion worth of shares, a value now triple […]
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