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TikTok’s owner ByteDance is entering China’s search market

Beijing-based ByteDance is moving beyond its core business in news and video into workplace messaging, music streaming, and now search engine.

Hong Kong’s first unicorn Tink Labs has Closed Down

Hong Kong’s first unicorn Tink Lab has already begun terminating its services in several markets including Thailand and Morocco.

Investment Boom in Southeast Asia is Going Stronger than Ever

Investors are necessary to help portfolio companies achieve stronger growth and prosper.

India’s New Unicorns are shifting from consumer needs to B2B

Indian unicorn category in 2019 has seen the dominance of B2B startups, unlike the numerous consumer internet companies in the past.

Byju’s Rises to US$5.5 Billion Valuation, Connecting the World of Education Technology

Byju’s has made history in its ongoing Series F round with a valuation rise of nearly 53 percent to US$5.5 billion.
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