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Tech1M Marks First Anniversary: Revolutionising the Global Hiring Landscape with Advanced AI Solutions

Tech1M, an AI-driven global hiring platform co-founded by Tommie Edwards (CEO) and Damilola Ogunmoye (CTO) in April 2022, celebrates its first anniversary, having made remarkable strides in the talent acquisition sector. Initially conceived as an edutech platform to develop one million tech talents through boot camps, mentorships, and work placements, Tech1M has since evolved into […]

Introducing the 2023 Launch of the Smart Money Concepts TradingView Indicator: Pioneering Cutting-Edge Technology

Smart-Money Trader is thrilled to announce the official launch date of its highly anticipated Tradingview indicator software. Rumors are already circulating among both seasoned observers and devoted Trading enthusiasts, as the momentous “release” date of the master pattern indicator has arrived. In 2023, Smart-Money Trader is unveiling three key aspects for its eagerly awaiting audience. […]

Pinecone, an AI startup, secures $100 million amid surging demand in the LLM vector database market

Pinecone, the prominent New York City-based vector database firm, renowned for supplying enduring memory solutions to substantial language models like OpenAI’s GPT-4, has officially disclosed its successful completion of a Series B funding round, securing a remarkable $100 million in investment at a valuation of $750 million. Leading this significant funding effort is the renowned […]

Retail technology startup Aisles introduces a waitlist ahead of their product launch

Portland-based startup Aisles has officially introduced its waitlist for a groundbreaking product that promises to revolutionize the shopping experience through the utilization of artificial intelligence. Developed by the visionary tech entrepreneur Ignacio Rosales, this AI-based technology ingeniously navigates the store layout, pinpointing the precise aisle and shelf for any item a shopper seeks. This innovation […]

Fetch AI secures $40 million funding with a focus on Autonomous Agents and Decentralized Machine Learning.

Web3 infrastructure provider Fetch AI has secured a $40 million investment in a funding round led by technology incubator and Web3 investment firm DWF Labs. This injection of capital aims to propel intelligent agent and distributed blockchain technology forward. Fetch AI’s ultimate objective is to address the challenges faced by consumers who navigate numerous apps […]
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