Aspiring Vietnamese Unicorn Lozi on Dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lozi, the aspiring unicorn startup that operates Vietnam’s e-commerce platform Loship, is no stranger to hardships, but the recent global COVID-19 pandemic has brought an entirely new set of challenges for the tech company to overcome. Nevertheless, the startup continues to soldier on during this time of crisis, and still maintains delivery services for the people of Vietnam during this difficult time. All the while, Lozi has emphasized that the safety and wellbeing of its employees and driver-partners are of utmost importance.

According to Nguyen Hoang Trung, co-founder and chief executive officer of Lozi, the aspiring unicorn is seeing strong demand for laundry, grocery and drug delivery services in Vietnam during the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of the hardships and burdens the people have to shoulder amidst the coronavirus outbreak, which has drastically affected the livelihoods of many Vietnamese, Lozi has decided to waive all shipping fees. Additionally, the startup has introduced several initiatives to improve the lives of their delivery partners due in part to the increase in demand for delivery services and online ordering.

Lozi makes a point of saying that it will not dismiss any of its employees amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Even when market conditions are volatile, the startup’s first priority is to reassure its workforce that there are no changes to their positions, and no retrenchments. The startup strongly believes that its people are its strongest assets and will not reduce or fire its staff in response to the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, its chief executive officer Mr. Nguyen even stated that the company will continue to work together with its partners and staff to overcome the current crisis, just as how they had worked together in the past to overcome previous challenges and obstacles. While the company has reduced its expenses for marketing and equipment, its personnel will not be affected so that its employees can feel at ease while at work.

In regards to the startup’s delivery driver-partners, Lozi maintains that the safety and protection of its fleet of drivers has always been a top priority even before the emergence of the global pandemic. In order to better protect and ensure the safety of their warriors – as the startup calls their driver-partners – during the coronavirus outbreak, Lozi has provided all of them with free masks, hand sanitizers and regular body temperature checkups whenever they visit the office. In addition, any problems or concerns that the drivers may have are handled by the company’s support personnel in a swift and timely manner. Another measure that the aspiring unicorn has adopted to ensure safety is to suspend cash payments for drivers and to instead pay them online, in order to minimize close physical contact. Meanwhile, drivers who have tested positive for the coronavirus are given financial support by the company so that they can feel financially secure.

Mr. Nguyen also observed that store behavior on their flagship platform Loship has transformed as a result of the ongoing pandemic. While noting that the app has seen a drop in the number of stores still operating on its platform, there are actually many other stores that have seen a spike in the number of daily transactions. He credits this to the fact that certain stores have prepared themselves well for online ordering services, and have a dedicated customer base that continues to seek their services and products even during this time of crisis.

Regarding the aspiring unicorn’s growth prospects for the year 2020, Mr. Nguyen said that the focus of Lozi is on serving their customers well. By satisfying the needs of their customers and ensuring their peace of mind during the COVID-19 outbreak, the company’s growth targets will be achieved naturally as a result. After all, there is no form of marketing more powerful than the recommendation of customers to friends and family about the great services of Lozi.

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