CoinOyez Aims To Help BlockChain Projects Publish Their Press Releases on More Than 450+ Media Websites.

New York, United States – CoinOyez, a leading press release distribution platform is currently offering its cost-effective online marketing services to help blockchain companies expand their visibility.

“The blockchain industry has been all the rage,“ said Kayla C., a spokesperson of CoinOyez. “But this means it is also noisy and crowded, and blockchain startups can easily fail when nobody has ever heard about them due to the company ignoring sales and marketing.”

That’s why it’s important for cryptocurrency startups to constantly adapt their publicity and marketing strategy in order to really stand out, get maximum reach and efficiency.

Understanding this, Coinoyez is created by a group of crypto experts to cater these needs. It provides a crypto press release distribution service whereby blockchain, cryptocurrency, and ICO companies can distribute their own news and company updates.

Submitting a crypto press release via CoinOyez will help them reach the right channels and global audience through placement on authoritative news organizations like Reuters, Yahoo News, ABC, CBS, New York Times, and 450+ sites.

“Many in the fast-moving cryptocurrency industry come from technical or academic backgrounds with little or no experience of running a business or doing online marketing. That’s why we aim to provide a solution to help build up blockchain startups via press releases.”

Not only does press releases build authority and trust, it can also boost search engine results and rankings for the startup which is very important, seeing how information on blockchain and cryptocurrency news are currently sought out.

With more than six years of experience in the media industry, CoinOyez has helped both new and existing companies in the blockchain industry to spread their remarkable innovation to the world. The company currently counts QashBack, ixAsia, and Bitsdaq as their customers.

CO is also looking to partner with Cryptocurrency Media and PR agencies to offer them wide-scale distribution options to increase their press release reach and search visibility.

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About CoinOyez

Coinoyez is a press release distribution platform that helps Crypto PR agencies wire their releases to media endpoints for publication including Reuters, Yahoo News, ABC, NBC, CBS and more. The press release distribution site has sent more than 900 press releases, and it counts QashBack, ixAsia, and Bitsdaq as their customers.

Contact info:
Name: Kayla C.
Organization: CoinOyez

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