Retail technology startup Aisles introduces a waitlist ahead of their product launch

Portland-based startup Aisles has officially introduced its waitlist for a groundbreaking product that promises to revolutionize the shopping experience through the utilization of artificial intelligence. Developed by the visionary tech entrepreneur Ignacio Rosales, this AI-based technology ingeniously navigates the store layout, pinpointing the precise aisle and shelf for any item a shopper seeks. This innovation eliminates the frustrating and aimless wandering that shoppers often endure while hunting for their desired products. With the Supermarkets and Grocery Stores market in the country estimated at a staggering $818.6 billion in 2023, the potential impact of this product is vast.

The product itself will remain complimentary for users, and an impressive 245,753 individuals have already joined the waitlist. Aisles aspires to reach a million individuals before the launch of their beta product.

Ignacio Rosales, the co-founder of the company, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming response, stating, “We have been humbled by the overwhelming response, with nearly a quarter of a million individuals already on our waitlist. Our product offers a personalized and frictionless shopping experience for those seeking efficient market visits. Our team is proud to pioneer this transformative opportunity.”

A mobile app will accompany the product, catering to both Android and Apple users. Additionally, an offline service will ensure continuous connectivity, even in areas with weak signals. Beyond enhancing the customer experience, this technology is poised to boost employee productivity by eliminating the need for staff to guide customers to specific items, resulting in cost reductions and increased profitability for companies, all while helping shoppers complete their trips more efficiently.

Aisles is committed to enhancing user convenience by introducing features such as using Aisles as the final payment method, even for cash transactions, streamlining the checkout process. Furthermore, the company plans to reimagine the shopping and couponing experience with their “last checkout” method. Through this approach, Aisles will scour the internet to secure the best deals and offers, ensuring that shoppers save money whenever possible. Importantly, the company has pledged not to profit from this service unless it directly benefits their customers.

For those eager to learn more about this innovative product, visit Aisles’ website and join the waitlist today:

About the Company: Aisles is a forward-thinking startup based in Portland, Oregon, dedicated to elevating processes within the retail sector. Spearheaded by serial tech entrepreneur Ignacio Rosales, the company is poised to transform the way people shop.

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