BiQ’s Closed Beta Access Program Sees Massive Turnout, Receives All-around Praise

BiQ, creators behind the world’s first SEO suite that provides granular cost control to users, recently held a closed beta access program for its comprehensive next-gen SEO toolkit, which was a successful event that saw the participation of industry-leading digital marketers and social media influencers. Billed as the industry’s first SEO suite that gives users the power to manage their cost control by paying for only the features that they use, and not paying for the features that they don’t use, BiQ’s closed beta access program came about in part as a response to surging market demand that was attracted by the company’s unique proposition of price democratization. Their unique proposition allows users to cherry pick and pay for only the features that they want from among its expansive repertoire of SEO solutions. The SEO platform is designed specifically for digital marketers, freelancers, content writers and SEO agencies.

Besides raising the company’s profile, the purpose of the closed beta event was to solidify BiQ’s unique position in the market as the industry-first SEO suite to provide marketers the tools and means to empower themselves through a granular cost control approach that hands control of SEO costs back to them. Indeed, it is this very approach that is their unique selling point that sets them miles apart from the other conventional SEO tools in the market, which usually sell their solutions and products in packages of various sizes that force buyers to purchase the entire marketing suite for just one feature that they want to use.

The launch of the closed beta program was aimed at addressing several issues. For one, BiQ wants to give cost control back to users and remove cost concern as they believe that the high costs that customers need to deal with should not be taken lightly. BiQ also wants their users to scale as they grow by paying only for what they use without overburdening themselves unnecessarily. Finally, the company wants their users to leverage on their SEO Suite’s core intelligence capabilities to excel in SEO without breaking the bank.

The closed beta program was an overall success, with more than 14,500 active participants for the first batch that took place quite recently. One of the beta testers praised the direction the company was headed to and the excellent job they did at launching and handling the closed beta program, while pointing out that there were just a few bugs to iron out, which is a normal process for a closed beta. Digital marketer and blogger Haidersejjad414 said that the BiQ SEO suite worked perfectly, having helped tremendously in SEO keyword research for written content and articles that the marketer was working on. As well, was impressed with the speedy and immediate results that BiQ’s Keyword Intelligence module were able to provide, and noted that it is quite capable of analysing vast amounts of data with its rule-based machine learning algorithm that makes it easier for users to discover and understand popular keywords in their niche.

BiQ’s closed beta access program is by invitation only. Currently, many more marketers and content creators are anticipating the launch for the next batch.

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