New Google Docs SEO Add-On Helps Content Writers Become SEO Writing Experts

New York, May 30, 2019 – Having knowledge about SEO is different from implementing it. Many find it difficult to research, analyze and write SEO-friendly content, which is why Growth Seekers Hub is proud to present its new GDoc SEO Assistant, an SEO Add On for Google Documents.

The SEO content writing tool aims to help the users create content that both Google and audiences love. It is designed to be beginner-friendly and users just need to follow the SEO suggestions to rank for a specific keyword.

GDoc SEO Assistant is suitable for writers, online marketers, and bloggers who love to write on Google Docs. Now, they can write an SEO optimized content with these four main features:

Overall content SEO scoring that is calculated based on Google’s ranking factors
Keyword data such as search volume, trend, and keyword competition on your Google docs add-on
SEO suggestions to optimize content writing, fix any errors found and improve overall content for ranking
Related keywords to be used in the content that will improve the relevancy of the content to the targeted keyword

“The GDoc SEO Assistant is a great tool for those who are just getting started with SEO,” said Jeff Teh, Head of Marketing at Growth Seekers Hub. “When optimized accordingly with these valuable metrics, our users have reported better rankings for their content.”

Content marketers or SEO professionals who use the GDoc SEO Assistant will get the most from their content writing by entering their keyword and receiving an instant SEO score. This will let them know instantly how high are their chances of rankability. After all, an SEO optimized content will also lead to an increase in traffic and ultimately more sales too.

Regarding ongoing plans for Growth Seekers Hub and GDoc SEO Assistant, Jeff has this to say, “We also have SEO courses to help marketers and SEO professionals to prepare for a change. The team is working to expand the add-on into a full-fledged tool to help marketers improve their website and provide more value on their SEO journey.”

This free Google Docs add-on is now available on Google Chrome webstore. To learn more about it, visit GDoc SEO Assistant on the web store.

About GDoc SEO Assistant:

GDoc SEO Assistant is designed to strengthen your content with profound SEO optimization. It lets you quickly check your overall SEO score to further optimize your content for search engine and readers. This add-on integrates with Google Docs to provide users a seamless SEO experience. Visit for more information on this.

About Growth Seekers Hub:

The Growth Seekers Hub is a leading platform where we source stories and the lens through which we show you the latest industry trends. With smart, incisive videos, SEO tools, in-depth courses, and resources that speak to the essential questions of shaping the future world of Digital Marketing, Growth Seekers Hub holds a mirror to highlight practices that are in trend now and where it is actually headed. Check it out at

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