New Pool Of Parenting Services Startup In India

Eyeing the huge unexplored niche and opportunity in child development space, many entrepreneurs in India have developed different kind of apps to cater the needs of new parents. Here are some of the most innovative startup which allow parents to learn about their child’s development, that is addressing this market are BabyBerry, Tinystep, mycity4kids and Parentlane.

BabyBerry: BabyBerry is a pregnancy and parenting app, all rolled in one. It helps parents to keep track of their baby’s overall growth and development by providing a 360 degree experience, covering things such as vaccination charts, growth milestones, and also convenient features such as the ability to buy evaluated and recommended products and services.

Tinystep: Founded in September 2015 by IIT-Kanpu alumnus Suhail Abidi, Tinystep is a platform that connects parents with a community of parents as well as child services providers. In a recent news this Spetember, Tinystep has raised approximately US$501k from Flipkart.

mycity4kids: Vishal Gupta founded mycity4kids in 2010, an online marketplace where parents can search for information related to kids services, from services for throwing kids parties to venues for family entertainment. This startup has raised US$3 million funds in its Series A round held earlier this year.

ParentLane : Parentlane is an app that leverages data science and machine learning to map child development and deliver personalized recommendation to the parent community engaging on the platform. This app mainly focuses on child development up till the age of 8 years old.

Hence, it is undeniable that social media covers almost every aspect of one’s daily life, that is including the connections and the sharing of experiences of being a parent.

With children product and services market in India exceeding US$20 billion, growing at a CAGR of at least 20 percent and parents using such services to obtain parenting tips, the growth of startups in this domain are very optimistic.

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